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Foregger LY-020-00LY-020-11 Fig.1LY-020-12 Fig.2LY-020-13 Fig.3LY-020-14 Fig.4Guedel-Negus LY-030-00LY-034-11 Fig.1LY-034-12 Fig.2LY-034-13 Fig.3LY-034-14 Fig.4... show more




Foregger LY-020-00
LY-020-11 Fig.1
LY-020-12 Fig.2
LY-020-13 Fig.3
LY-020-14 Fig.4

Guedel-Negus LY-030-00
LY-034-11 Fig.1
LY-034-12 Fig.2
LY-034-13 Fig.3
LY-034-14 Fig.4

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