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Dissecting and Vascular Scissors

Buy all types of Dissecting and Vascular Scissors.


Dissecting and Vascular Scissors (Praparier und Gefass Sheren)

  • KILNER Straight SS.151.12  12cm/4¾”
  • KILNER Straight SS.153.15 12cm/4¾”
  • REYNOLDS Straight SS.160.15 15cm/6”
  • REYNOLDS Curved SS.161.15 15cm/6”
  • JOSEPH Straight SS.170.14 14cm/5¼”
  • JOSEPH Curved SS.170.14 14cm/5¼”
  • POTTS-SMITH Angled 60º SS.180.19 19cm/7¼”  
  • POTTS-SMITH Angled 40º SS.181.19 19cm/7¼”  
  • POTTS-SMITH Angled 25º SS.182.19 19cm/7¼”
  • HEYMANN SS.190.18 18cm/7”  

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