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Dissecting Scissors (Praparierscheren)

Buy Dissecting Scissors (Praparierscheren). Free Samples are available in Demand.


Dissecting Scissors (Praparierscheren)


  • METZENBAUM Straight Blunt/Blunt SS.110.14 14.5cm/5¾”
  • METZENBAUM Straight Sharp/Blunt SS.112.14 14.5cm/5¾” 
  • METZENBAUM Straight Sharp/Sharp SS.114.14 14.5cm/5¾” 
  • METZENBAUM Curved Blunt/Blunt SS.111.14 14.5cm/5¾” 
  • METZENBAUM Curved Blunt/sharp SS.113.14 14.5cm/5¾” 
  • METZENBAUM Curved Sharp/sharp SS.115.14 14.5cm/5¾” 
  • METZENBAUM-NELSON Straight Blunt/Blunt SS.120.18 18cm/7”
  • METZENBAUM-NELSON Straight Sharp/Blunt SS.130.18 18cm/7” 
  • METZENBAUM-NELSON Straight Sharp/Sharp SS.140.18 18cm/7” 
  • METZENBAUM-NELSON Curved Blunt/Blunt SS.121.18 18cm/7” 
  • METZENBAUM-NELSON Curved Sharp/Blunt SS.131.18 18cm/7” 
  • METZENBAUM-NELSON Curved Sharp/Sharp SS.141.18 18cm/7”

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