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Laryngoscopes Handles Magill Forceps

Laryngoscopes Handles Magill Forceps


Laryngoscopes and Accessories

Laryngoskope und Zubehör


Laryngoscopes Handles without Battery
  • LY.050.32 32 Ø mm
  • LY.052.28 28 Ø mm
  • LY.054.18 18 Ø mm
  • MAGILL Forceps  LY.080.15  15cm/7”
  • MAGILL Forceps  LY.080.17  17cm/6¾”
  • MAGILL Forceps  LY.080.20  20cm/8”
  • MAGILL Forceps  LY.080.25  25cm/9¾”

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