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Operating Scissors

Operating Scissors (Chirurgische Scheren)


Operating Scissors (Chirurgische Scheren)


  • SS.050.13 13 cm/5¼”  
  • GOLDMAN-FOX Curved SS.061.13 13cm/5¼” 
  • GOLDMAN-FOX Straight SS.060.13 13cm/5¼” 
  • MIXTER Straight SS.070.15 15.5cm/6” 
  • MIXTER Curved SS.071.15 15.5cm/6” 
  • MAYO SS.080.14 14cm/5¼” 
  • MAYO SS.081.14 14cm/5¼” 
  • MAYO-HARRINGTON Straight SS.090.22 22cm/8¾” 
  • MAYO-HARRINGTON Curved SS.091.22 22cm/8¾” 
  • MAYO-STILLE Straight SS.100.15 15cm/6” 
  • MAYO-STILLE Curved SS.101.15 15cm/6”

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