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Balfour retractors are a type of surgical instrument used to hold open an incision during abdominal or pelvic surgery. They are named after their inventor, George W. Balfour, a Scottish surgeon who practiced in the late 19th century. Balfour retractors consist of three or four curved blades that are attached to a central ring or handle. The blades are designed to spread apart and hold open the edges of an incision, allowing the surgeon to visualize and access the internal organs.

Balfour retractors are commonly used in procedures such as hysterectomy, prostatectomy, and bowel resection. They are also used in certain types of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Proper use of Balfour retractors requires careful positioning and adjustment to avoid damage to surrounding tissues and organs. They are typically sterilized after each use to prevent infection.

Catalog Reference

07-820 Balfour Retractor Lateral Blades 60mm Deep center blade 47x80mm
07-830 Balfour Retractor Lateral Blades 105mm Deep center blade 107x59mm
07-840 Balfour Retractor Center Blades 54x80mm
07-850 Balfour Retractor Spreader Only
07-851 50mm 47x80mm
07-852 60mm 47x76mm
07-853 75mm 80x80mm
07-854 90mm 80x80mm

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