Denis Browne - Abdominal Retrctors

Denis Browne - Abdominal Retrctors

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Abdominal retractors are surgical instruments used to hold open the incision in the abdominal cavity during surgical procedures. They are designed to provide a clear view of the organs and tissues within the abdomen and allow the surgeon to access the area being operated on.

There are several types of abdominal retractors, including the Balfour retractor and the Bookwalter retractor. The Balfour retractor, which was described in the previous question, is a self-retaining retractor with multiple blades that are used to spread open the abdominal incision. The Bookwalter retractor is another self-retaining retractor that uses a circular ring and adjustable arms to hold open the incision.

Other types of abdominal retractors include the Richardson retractor, the Deaver retractor, and the Thompson retractor. The Richardson retractor is a handheld retractor with a curved blade that is used to retract the abdominal muscles. The Deaver retractor is similar to the Richardson retractor, but has a longer, flatter blade. The Thompson retractor is a double-ended handheld retractor that is used to retract the abdominal muscles.

Proper use of abdominal retractors requires careful positioning and adjustment to avoid damage to surrounding tissues and organs. They are typically sterilized after each use to prevent infection.

Catalog Reference

07-1020 Denis-Browne Complete with 4 Blades
07-1021 Frame 190x160mm
07-1022 2 Blades only 40x30mm
07-1023 2 Blades only 40x40mm
07-1024 Blades only 20x30mm
07-1025 Blades only 20x40mm
07-1030 Abdominal Retractors 1 frame 225x220mm
07-1031 Abdominal Retractors 1 Blade 46x64mm
07-1032 Abdominal Retractors 1 Blade 46x64mm
07-1033 Abdominal Retractors 1 Blade 53xx54mm (for bladder)
07-1034 Abdominal Retractors 1 Blade 82x97mm (for intestine)
07-1035 Abdominal Retractors 1 Blade 98x51mm (for intestine)
07-1036 Abdominal Retractors 1 Blade Narrow 107x36mm

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