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A scalpel handle is the handle part of a scalpel, a medical instrument used for surgeries and other procedures. It is usually made of plastic or metal and provides a grip for the user to hold onto while using the scalpel blade. The handle also typically has a mechanism for securely attaching the blade to the handle.

Catalog Reference

Scalpel Handles Catelogue Reference
Cat.# 02-230 Scalpel Handle 16cm
Cat.# 02-240 Scalpel Handle 11.5cm
Cat.# 02-250 Scalpel Handle 12.7cm
Cat.# 02-260 Scalpel Handle 12.7cm
Cat.# 02-270 Scalpel Handle 11cm
Cat.# 02-280 Scalpel Handle 13.5cm
Cat.# 02-290 Scalpel Handle 12cm
Cat.# 02-300 Troutman-Chris 9cm
Cat.# 02-310 Troutman-Chris 9cm
Cat.# 02-320 Blade Holder Blade Breaker 11cm
Cat.# 02-33 Castroviejo 13cm

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