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It is specifically designed to cut through bone and is commonly used in orthopedic and trauma surgeries.

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Maximize Your Sales with Our Premium Amputation Saws & Bone Drills

Partner with us to offer your customers the finest surgical instruments for orthopedic and trauma procedures. Our Amputation Saws and Bone Drills are:

  • Manufactured with high-quality materials for exceptional durability
  • Engineered for precision and accuracy
  • Ergonomically designed for reduced user fatigue
  • Sterilizable and easy to clean
  • Compliant with international quality standards
  • Benefits for Your Business:
  • Increase customer satisfaction with reliable and efficient instruments
  • Enhance your product portfolio with a trusted brand
  • Expand your market share in the surgical instrument industry
  • Competitive pricing for maximum profit margins
  • Dedicated customer support for your success

Join forces with us to deliver excellence in surgical care. Contact us today!

Catalog Reference

Bone Drills Hudson Cat.09-100
Bone Drills Fig.1 Cat.09-105
Bone Drills Fig.2 Cat.09-110
Bone Drills Fig.3 Cat.09-115
Bone Drills Cushing Cat.09-120
Bone Drills Fig.5 Cat.09-105
Gigli Saw 30mm Cat.09-130
Gigli Saw 40mm Cat.09-131
Gigli Saw 50mm Cat.09-132
Gigli Saw 70mm Cat.09-133
Gigli Handle Cat.09-140
Engel Plaster Saw 15.5cm Cat.08-150
Post Morten 20cm Cat.09-160
Charriere 25cm, 10" Cat.09-170
Charriere Double Saw 27cm Cat.09-171
Charriere 27cm Cat.09-180
Charriere 30cm Cat.09-181
Charriere 35cm Cat.09-190

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