Vascular, Dissecting & Plaster TC-Inserted Scissors

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TC-inserted Vascular, Dissecting & Plaster Scissors are also known as tungsten carbide scissors, are specialized surgical scissors designed for use in medical procedures. They have a tungsten carbide blade that is inserted into the scissor blade to provide extra strength and durability. The tungsten carbide blade is very hard and sharp, making it ideal for cutting through tough tissues such as bone, cartilage, and ligaments.

TC inserted operating scissors come in different sizes and shapes, and may be designed for specific surgical tasks. For example, some may have a longer blade for cutting through thicker tissues, while others may have a shorter blade for more precise cuts. They may also have different blade shapes, such as curved or angled blades, to enable easier access to tight spaces.

TC inserted operating scissors are commonly used in orthopedic and general surgical procedures. They are designed to withstand heavy use without becoming dull or damaged, and can be sterilized for multiple uses. It is important to note that TC inserted operating scissors are very sharp and should only be used by trained medical professionals to prevent injury or damage to tissues.

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