Rib Retractor Device

The primary purpose of a rib retractor is to temporarily separate the ribs and keep them in an open position, allowing the surgeon to visualize and operate on the organs or structures beneath them.

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A rib retractor is a surgical instrument used in thoracic or abdominal surgeries to hold the ribs apart and provide access to the underlying organs or structures. It is commonly used in procedures such as thoracotomy, lung surgery, heart surgery, and certain abdominal surgeries.

Rib retractors come in various designs, but they generally consist of a frame with two or more arms that can be adjusted to spread the ribs apart to the desired width. The arms of the retractor are typically curved or angled to conform to the shape of the ribcage and minimize the risk of injury to the surrounding tissues.

Catalog Reference

Rib Retractors Herzler Blades 20x25mm, Spreading 105mm #08-590
Rib Retractors Tuffier Blades 43x53mm, Spreading 130mm #08-600
Rib Retractors Finocchietto 20cm #08-610
Rib Retractors Finocchietto 30x45mm spreading 150mm #08-611
Rib Retractors Finocchietto 46x62mm spreading 190mm #08-612
Rib Retractors Finocchietto 80x65mm spreading 190mm #08-613
Rib Retractors Tuffier lateral blades 45x45mm spreading 160mm #08-620

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